Why Do I Need A Wedding Album?

Why You need a wedding album title photo

Why do I need a wedding album?  I’m already getting the digital files and can print out as many wedding photos as I want.  This is what I hear from a lot of couples getting married, especially the groom.  Let’s face it though, with the millions of photos being uploaded everyday to social media and around the web, we seldom remember to take the time to print those photos.  I’m even guilty of having hard drives full of images that have never made it to print.  I’ll give you three simple reasons why you should have your wedding memories printed and bound into a custom wedding album.

Wedding Album Packaging for bride and groom

Longevity – The Album Will Last

Keeping all those digital files around is hard work!  Transferring images from one media to another, updating software, and backing up all takes time.  With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, there is no guarantee that your grand children will be able to plug in a usb drive and pull up grandma and grandpa’s wedding photos (or even know what a USB is!).  Having a wedding album will protect and keep all your photos safe for future generations to enjoy.  They can be kept on the mantle, coffee table, or bookshelf, and easily pulled out to be shared at anytime.

Albums – Tell Stories

A singe image or framed photo only shows what the couple looked like.  An album can show the entire day and the true personalities of the bride and groom.  Pages filled with the nuances and moments of the day.  The story is in the details, and albums allow you to show them all.  Framed images are eventually taken down and replaced, and although funny to look back at to see how you have changed, an album full of photos will help you remember and relive your special day for years to come.

Not to mention much easier to share.  No one gets a 24″ x 36″ canvas out of storage when friends come over or sits down with a disc of images on their 10 year anniversary.  People do and will always love the act of looking through photo albums.

They’re Tangible

Really you can hold them!  We all love the feeling of thumbing through our families old albums and heirlooms, worn with love, history, and tradition.  I do not want to lose that feeling by only sharing and viewing photographs on a digital screen.  A physical wedding album can be passed down by hand in perpetuity (yes I just used that word), becoming an heirloom as it ages with time.  And without worry of computer viruses or file corruption.  You may even be so lucky as to have an album take on that distinct smell of “old” just like grandma’s wedding album.

BONUS:  They’re Cool

Everyone will be jealous when you hand them a 10lb leather wedding album filled with your amazing wedding photos, which you received in our custom album box and packaging! (see photo #2)

Wedding Leather Album from Jacksonville Wedding Photographer David Walters Wedding Album Layout for Jacksonville Couple

Don’t get me wrong, I love the world of 0’s and 1’s we live in, and I am a digital camera and gear technology nerd (example: our custom Ipad Client Photos Apps).  Advances in photography, have allowed weddings to be captured like never before, creating spectacular visual stories.  But, our wedding photos are priceless and we want to be able to share those memories with future generations to come.  That’s why I design an album for each full wedding I photograph.

Albums still not in your wedding photography budget?  Ask us about our custom registry program, that allows for family and guests to pay for prints, albums, and more as your wedding gifts!



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