Wedding Photography Gear Guide

Wedding Photography Gear

Many clients, weddings guest (especially Uncle Bob), and kids alike have often asked about our photo gear.  How many cameras do you carry?  Why are you carrying an umbrella, it’s not supposed to rain?  How or why is your flash going off on the other side of the room?  And my most favorite of them of all…wait for it…”Man, that’s a nice photo, that camera must be really good!”  So here’s to you Uncle Bob, an exhaustive list of all the gear we carry and why.


Nikon D800 Wedding Photography Gear Guide


Our Cameras We have compiled a  list of  our favorite cameras that we use for both weddings and personal film work. Julie and I are both Nikon shooters professionally but use an assortment of other equipment on special projects. Click on this post to view our go to cameras in each category and why we choose them.





Our Lenses Choosing your lens, lets you decide as the photographer how you want to capture an image.  Short focal length to capture the entire scene?  Long, to isolate, compress, and flatter your subjects?  We have worked to compile a list of every single lens that we use and we will give you detailed information about each one.  We’ll even explain the difference between fixed focal length and zoom lenses.  Click our favorite lenses to see the full list.




Lighting / Modifiers / Grip  Lighting knowledge is very important for a wedding and portrait photographer.  From large group family portraits to intimate low light romantic shots, each requires different lighting and modifiers to shape the subjects.  We use a combination of strobes, flashes and continuous lights.  *Click on the link above to see how each is used on the big day.




Essential Accessories Your cameras and lenses are the most important part of any photographer’s Wedding Day Kit.  But having the right accessories allows you to shoot quickly and efficiently day in and day out on a professional level.  With all the accessories out there, it’s easy for your bag to get full (and heavy) quite quickly.  So carefully choosing and selecting the highest quality products is crucial to your functionality.  *Click on the essential accessories link to see our judiciously edited list.




Bags and Cases   Staying organized is the name of the game.  We use a roller system in combination, with our grip and lens bags.  My #1 recommendation would be once you choose how your going to pack your bags, stick with it.  Keeping gear in their predetermined “homes”, allows for not only quick access, but quick equipment checks when going from venue to venue.  We use a similar system in our office and equipment closest too.  *Find out what specific bags we use, and what we like about them, by clicking the Bags and Cases link.




Computers / Software / Tech All of those beautiful images need to be processed and delivered. Here are the computers and tech gadgets plus all the software we run and all the tech tools we use to keep our photography production, product creation, business running smoothly.  *Click on this post to view the equipment we use behind the scenes as St. Augustine Wedding Photographers.



*Pages currently being updated.

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