Recommended Violinist for Wedding Ceremony in St. Augustine

Over the next few weeks I will be posting a small on going series called Meet the Wedding Vendors, that will help prospective brides find the best vendors (and the ones I recommend) in the Northeast Florida area, from St. Augustine to Jacksonville.  With the endless supply of wedding vendors, sorting through the good, bad, and very bad can be exhausting.  That’s why I’m putting together my recommended wedding vendors online, and including a few questions that will help you better connect with and receive advice from the wedding professionals.  Choosing wedding vendors you get along with and trust is one of the best things you can do to set your self up for a successful and stress free wedding day.  All of the vendors I recommend, I have worked with and can say with out a doubt, are some of the most personable and respected professionals in the North Florida wedding industry.


Saint Augustine Wedding Violinist playing music during ceremony.


1.  How long have you been playing weddings?
I have been playing weddings for over 20 years. I started Wehner Weddings, LLC in 2000 after moving back to FL from Cincinatti.

2.  Favorite ceremony playlist, why?
Jesu Joy…Bach for the Mothers, Canon in D…Pachelbel for the Processional, Trumpet Voluntary…Clarke for the BRIDE, Trumpet Tune…Purcell for the Recessional. These pieces are timeless and sound great in any setting!

3.  What makes Wehner Wedding Music different?
EXPERIENCE and PROFESSIONALISM!!! Wehner Weddings provides live music at over 250 wedding ceremonies per year. Every musician within Wehner Weddings is a full-time professional in their instrument. We are also on the cutting edge of technology with our use of iPads to view sheet music. Wind, lighting and turning pages are never an issue!


4.  Best music venue in St. Augustine?
One of my favorite wedding venues in St. Augustine is The White Room Rooftop. I love the view and the atmosphere.

5.  Family Facts
My wife, Holly and I have been married for 11 years now and we have 3 beautiful daughters (Ella 8, Claire, 5 and Sadie 3). We also own and run a music/dance school (Wehner’s School of the Arts) which serves over 600 students in Orange Park.

6. Memorable Wedding Moment
One of my most memorable wedding moments is when I played a wedding in St. Augustine at 2am on the beach. It was pitch dark and the only people there were the bride/groom, myself, officiant and photographer. I walked the bride down the aisle while playing the theme song from “Titanic” at the bride’s request…I only saw the bride and groom for a brief second at a time during the ceremony from the light of the photographer’s flash 🙂


Advice from a Pro:
Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Take advantage of the combined knowledge of the professionals you have hired to make your wedding day more memorable.


On top of all Kyle’s musical talent and years of professional service, I can also say he is the best dressed wedding musician in North Florida. Head over to his website to hear one of his many musical samples. All the information you need to hire Kyle is below and while you’re at it tell him I said hello.


Kyle Wehner
Wehner Weddings, LLC
Classy music with a variety of ensembles to fit your needs.

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