Being Thankful As A Professional Photographer

Many professional photographers often hear, “WOW I wish I had your job!”  OR if you are a wedding photographer like us, “You’re so LUCKY, you get to attend so many fun weddings!”  Most photographers can relate, and will often reluctantly agree with said guest, yet citing in their own heads the numerous annoyances and complaints about their job; from endless editing, expensive equipment costs, to the on going need to adapt your business in an ever demanding and over crowded profession.

I’m not an especially sappy guy, or one to believe in “luck.”  I think you make your own luck with hard work and dedication to a craft like photography.  But I am thankful for all those in my life who have made it possible to be in a profession where I get to create a product of meaning and priceless worth to those I work for.  Whether it be a family photo which will hang in their living room for years, or a bridal portrait passed down through the generations.  I’m very fortunate to be in a creative profession which challenges me everyday to strive to be better than the day before.  On top that, I get to share it with my loving wife Julie.

St. Augustine Photographer

Thankful that I am able to create beautiful images for my profession; such as this bridal portrait of Katelyn, so serene.

So THANK YOU, Mom & Dad for providing an environment of growth and one with no limits.  THANK YOU, to my entire family for supporting us on our endeavor.  THANK YOU, to my colleagues and mentors in the industry who share their knowledge and honor hard work, notably Scott Smith and Zach Thomas.  THANK YOU, to all of our clients who allow us the privilege to create art for them.

I’ve been lucky enough to assist Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Brian Smith, who puts it best.

“I’ve got the greatest job in the world. My worst days as a photographer might be the greatest days in the lives of many people.” — Brian Smith



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