St Augustine Newborn Photographers | St Augustine, FL

St Augustine Newborn Photographers capture beautiful images of adorable baby girl.  Collins Elizabeth was a perfect little model to say the very least.  With her beautiful face, chubby cheeks, and calm demeanor, she was an absolute doll!  We began our session with the Aland Family with sweet Collins still awake.  We captured some stunning photographs of her with her eyes wide open!  A great addition to the studio portraits we create with a sleepy baby.  After capturing some details of her adorable nursery, we began our studio session with a very sleepy Collins.  Once asleep, she was out!  Calmed by the heating pad, and lulled by the white noise, she barely made a peep as we moved through the session.  As St Augustine Newborn Photographers, we could not have asked for a better client 🙂  Beginning with a gorgeous rose color, we created a stunning monochromatic setup, which really made Collins glow!  Moving through different poses, and colors, Collins was a little angel.  Throughout the session we incorporated both new accessories (Etsy is the best!) and old mementos to create meaningful images, for mom, dad, and even the grandparents.  As St Augustine Newborn Photographers, we love to hear the stories behind all of the items keepsakes integrated into our photographs.  We also made sure to capture photographs of the interactions of the new mom and dad with their lovely baby girl.  We love using window light for these intimate moments.  Being able to share the excitement, joy, and love with a family during this amazing time in their life, is such an honor!  We had an absolutely incredible day with Collins and the Aland Family, and wish them all the best!

St Augustine Newborn Photographers St Augustine Newborn Photography Baby Girl

St Augustine Newborn Photographers | St Augustine, FL

If you would like David & Julie to be your St Augustine Newborn Photographers, please contact us today! We can’t wait to meet your precious little one!

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