St. Augustine Newborn Photographer Portrait Photography

St. Augustine Newborn Photographer creating newborn studio portraits and environmental family portraits.  We had the privilege of spending the afternoon with baby Charlie, Julie, and Wes.  The adorable Charlie and brand new Mommy & Daddy were spending their first days together in a St. Augustine beach house.  With a beautiful view and lots of windows, it was a perfect spot to create environmental family portraits with Julie and Wes and their new little one, and even Grandma and Grandpa.  As a St. Augustine Newborn Photographer team, we like to bring the studio to our clients.  Not only does this allow everyone to feel at home, but allows everyone to relax while we work with the newborn.  We began our studio session by posing Charlie in a basket, where he felt nice and cozy.  After a few adorable shots were captured, we allowed Mom and Charlie to have some time together.  We positioned Julie and Charlie in one of those great windows, creating elegant, beautiful images.  Next, we took the family outside to get some great shots with the ocean as our backdrop.  Next, we were back to the “studio” where we had an awesome session with Charlie while he was in one of those perfect, deep, moldable sleeps.  We created some amazing shots of Charlie, using various wraps and posing.  When he woke up, we wanted just one last shot with mom and dad!  The last shot we captured, one of our favorites from the day, is Charlie in the hands of Mom & Dad against a black backdrop.  Classic and stunning!  Charlie is such a beautiful baby boy, and Julie and Wes were such a pleasure.  As a St. Augustine Newborn Photographer team, we love being a part of such an incredibly special occasion.  Capturing these moments that are so precious and fleeting is truly an incredible honor. St Augustine Newborn Photographer St. Augustine Newborn Photography of baby boy Mother holding baby during newborn photography session St. Augustine Florida Newborn Portrait photography from newborn photographer David Walters Newborn Photography St. Augustine Florida

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Friends and family don’t forget to leave some love for baby Charlie and his new parents in the comments section below. 🙂

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