Fun St. Augustine Beach Family Photo Session

I love working in St. Augustine Beach, for all kinds of portrait, but especially family portraits.  Every year the McMahon family travels from Texas to St. Augustine Florida for their family reunion and vacation.  What a great family, all 40 of them were a blast to work with!  Staying at the Ocean Villa Condos on AIA, we had some nice grassy areas that were easily accessible for the young and old.  On hot (I mean really HOT) Florida mid afternoon photo session, shooting on a shadeless beach can be quite uncomfortable!  For large family reunion photo sessions having a family member being a point person (THANKS MARCIA!), can be a huge help.  This family member sets up a schedule of smaller family group sessions and keeps everyone on track; then at the end everyone will come together for the final group shot.  This way people can hang out poolside or in air conditioning until their family’s determined shoot time and final family reunion photo.

Our afternoon gave way to a passing thunderstorm and light rain, but cleared just enough for us to get some beautiful shots.  Below you can see some of our favorite St. Augustine Beach Photos.  Thanks to the McMahon’s for being such great talent, can’t wait until next year!

Family Portrait at St. Augustine Beach by wedding photographer David Walters

Marcia’s family portrait was first.  Remember if you’re the point person you can set the schedule! 😉

Family photo of just the kids in St. Augustine Beach

Almost time to head back to school portrait.

Family photo taken in St. Augustine Beach, FL

Everyone was comfortable and having a good time during their portrait session.

Family portrait at St. Augustine Beach, Florida

Good looking family portrait of a Texas family at the beach!

St. Augustine children

Always time for a few children’s head shots for the modeling portfolio.

Boy poses for portrait photographer David Walters

Just as comfortable in front of the camera as her sister.  This one will land on Mom’s desk for sure!

Grandmother and grandchildren family portrait in St. Augustine Florida

Grandma and all the grandchildren made for an awesome photograph.

Large group family photo taken at St. Augustine Beach

Final family reunion group photo, taken from a small step ladder to frame everyone as close as possible without losing faces.

If you’re interested in having portraits taken at your next family gathering, I’d love to be there, contact me and we’ll discuss what works best for you and your family.

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