St Augustine Art Association Destination Wedding Celebration

Many Brides and Grooms wish they could have their wedding day all over again.  So this awesome Atlantic GA couple decided to; with a Destination Wedding Celebration bringing all their friends and family together for a fun downtown reception at the St. Augustine Art Association.  Having a celebration day, allows you to have the best of both worlds.  Want to keep your ceremony small (immediate family only for example), but think everyone might like to travel for one heck of a party in a coastal town like Saint Augustine?  You can, it’s your big day.  Looking to elope, but still want to have that big reception back at home for everyone to join in on the party?  Go for it.

One thing to keep in mind though, whether it’s a destination wedding or destination “celebration”, is not everyone is going to be able to make it (or have the means). Your long lost best friend from kindergarten who you haven’t seen in 20 years, might not find spending the money  to fly his entire family, secure boarding for fido, and exhaust his last few vacation days at the top of his list of things to do.  They would come if they could, and it is something out of your control.  That being said there are many benefits to having two wedding days.

Benefits of Separate Wedding Celebration & Parties (in no particular order)

  • Allows for a more intimate ceremony
  • Wear your dress twice
  • More relaxing since you’re already married 🙂
  • Less Tiring
  • Low chance of rain on both days
  • More Photographs + More Locations
  • Reason to Travel
  • More is better than Less (As Seen Here)

The list could go on and on, and of course will be different for everyone.  For some bride’s the idea of having the extra flexibility of two days is totally worth it.  For others the thought of having all that extra planning may not exactly having a calming effect.  Whatever the case, it’s just another way for a bride and groom to create a unique wedding experience all their own.

Congratulations to Rachael and Mark, we enjoyed being a part of your celebration, and wish you the best of luck and a wonderful honeymoon!  Friends and Family leave some love for the beautiful couple in the comments section at the bottom of the post.  Thank you & Enjoy! 🙂

St. Augustine Destination Wedding Photographer Portrait of the bride and groom in st. augustine fl Bride and Groom Bride holding white flowers in st. augustine during portrait photography session St. Augustine Bride holding her flowers during destination wedding photographs Groom by the St. Augustine Cocina Walls and ivy during destination wedding Black and White wedding photography from st. augustine Florida Destination wedding photography in St. Augustine Florida Creative Destination Wedding Photographer in St. Augustine FL Bride and Groom posing in front of vintage loading dock in St. Augustine Florida Destination Wedding Bride and Bridesmaid at the St. Augustine Art Association Wedding Venue Bridal Party Portrait at the St. Augustine Art Association Wedding Venue Reception guests watch wedding video of ceremony in St. Augustine Florida Father of the Bride gives wedding speech during wedding reception in St. Augustine Art Association Wedding Venue Bride getting a large group hug by all her cousins during Saint Augustine Destination wedding reception Bride Destination wedding speeches during reception in Saint Augustine Florida Wedding Speech Jokes get big laughs during St. Augustine Wedding Reception Female wedding guests surround the bride with love and hugs Bride doing the Dosey Doe during wedding reception in St. Augustine Florida State University Bride giving the tomahawk chop to wedding guest Wedding Reception St. Augustine Art Association Bride and Groom dancing to their first dance in St. Augustine Bride and Groom stand in front of entire wedding reception for a fun portrait in St. Augustine Florida Romantic Black and White Wedding photograph in front of old wooden house in St. Augustine Florida Warm Rim light behind bride and groom during wedding portrait photography St. Augustine Florida St. Augustine Art Association Wedding Venue

If you are interested in having us photograph your destination wedding in St. Augustine Florida, contact us today to secure your date.

Leave your best wishes for the couple below.

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