Pink Azalea Wedding Bouquet St Augustine Wedding Photographer

This Jacksonville bride decided to go with a beautiful pink azalea wedding bouquet.  Northeast Florida’s spring weather provides perfect weather for both destination weddings and the purple formosa.  The pink azaleas (or purple formosas) are hard to miss when driving around the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area, lining roadways with bright pink and purple colors.  The brides maids also carried smaller versions with white flowers arranged with the pink.  One thing to keep in mind when using these flowers in your wedding bouquet is the weight of the flower itself.  The azalea’s are technically a shrub and the shear weight of the bouquet can begin to increase dramatically once more than one or two of these flowers is used.  But with brides arranging their own wedding bouquet’s becoming more and more a trend and the easy availability of this local flower, I’m sure we will soon see many more pink azalea wedding bouquets.

Bride Holding Pink Azalea Bouquet Bride and bridesmaid holding pink azalea bougets

The wedding was held in the beautiful Ravine Gardens State Park in Palatka, FL.  If you are looking for a garden venue for your wedding, the Ravine Gardens offer several outdoor ceremony locations, with an indoor reception.  When considering the gardens as a venue, try and plan your visit during the annual Florida Azalea Festival the first weekend in March, when the nearly 100,000 plants that the WPA planted decades ago bloom.

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