Classic Photos at Casa Monica Wedding in St. Augustine, FL

Traditional monochrome wedding photos from a Casa Monica and The Cathedral Basilica in Saint Augustine Florida.  Black and white photography seems to pair itself perfectly with wedding photography, a timeless and classic look, perfect for telling the story of two families coming together on a wedding day.  In today’s instagram world it is refreshing to sometimes strip away all the color and filters and focus on the photos content, shape / form, and light.  Many of us associate black and white photographs with our family history, with the majority of our past generations only being documented in black, white, and shades of grey.  With the millions of photos being uploaded, downloaded, and shared every minute, black and white photos of the past (especially ones of our family) continue to hold the test of time.  This is why I find it important to provide every bride with black and white photographs her every wedding, because it not only guarantees an almost “instant classic” but I know it will still be “in style” 100 years from now.  Here are a few of my favorite black and white photographs from this past weekends wedding in Saint Augustine Florida.


Black and White Wedding Photos in Casa Monica Hotel St. Augustine Florida

Father enjoying a moment with his daughter before the ceremony at Casa Monica Hotel.

Bride and Father walking down aisle in cathedral basilica in Saint Augustine Wedding

The Cathedral Basilica has held thousands of weddings over it’s many years in existence, the majority of which were probably photographed on b/w film!

Flower girls at wedding in St. Augustine, Florida

Nervous flower girls holding hands tightly 🙂

Bride and Groom holding hands during wedding ceremony in St. Augustine, FL

Detailed wedding photographs with bold compositions often work very well in black and white.

Generations of family holding hands during wedding ceremony in cathedral basilica

Generations of family holding hands during catholic wedding ceremony.

Father of the Bride dance at Casa Monica Hotel at St. Augustine Wedding

Father of the Bride dancing on the wonderful covered dance floor outdoors and poolside at the Casa Monica.

Bride and Groom in front of Flagler College in Saint Augustine, Florida

Bride and Groom sharing a moment after their wedding ceremony, with Flagler College in the background.

The dance floor at Casa Monica

 The Casa Monica dance floor photographed at blue hour, lets face it, life is in color!

If you enjoy my style, and would like to discuss how I can create these classic black and white photographs at your wedding, you’ll find a contact button below.


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