Jacksonville Wedding and Portrait Photographers Mobile App

Custom Mobile Wedding and Portrait Photographer App from Jacksonville Photographer David Walters

Happy New Year’s from your coolest Atlantic Beach Florida wedding and family photographers.  To celebrate an amazing year photographing all of the awesome couples and families of Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and the beaches here in North Florida, we have decided to create a special gift.  A personalized mobile app for each of our clients, featuring photos from their portrait, engagement, or wedding.  Each app can be downloaded to an unlimited number of smart phones and tablets, including iphones, androids, or ipads.  The app and photos can be shared online to friends and family for them to download, through facebook, twitter, even pinterest!  For the 1% of you with out any of the above, you can still email or text message your friends a link for them to directly download your personalized photo app.

Have Uncle Bob, Grandma, or the in-laws been asking you to put family photos on their phone or new iPad they got from the Holidays?  Make it easy, and send them your app!  Below you can see just how easy and fun it is to have your own app with all your professional photos ready to share.  And best of all, once you have the app, all the photos are stored on your phone, so no internet or wireless connection needed!

Jacksonville Wedding Photo App Example from portrait photographer David Walters


So who has smart phones, iphones, and ipads?  EVERYONE.  In a world where we forget to print and frame our most important photos, the least we can do is make sharing on our digital devices not only easy but look good!  Below is just a sample of who would love to get your wedding photos on a personalized app 🙂 (Note:  All the photos were taken during the past summer, where I saw iPads recording video at weddings go from obscure to almost a guarantee.  For those looking to unplug, look for an upcoming article on the pros and cons of having a “tech free” or “unplugged” wedding.)



Wedding guests using ipads and iphones during wedding ceremony
Father of the Bride using iphone at St. Augustine Wedding in Florida Bridesmaid using iphone as mirror during wedding portraits in Jacksonville Wedding Officiant using iPad during wedding ceremony in St. Augustine Florida Wedding Musicians using iPad App to play music during St Augustine wedding ceremony at the Lightner Courtyard. Best Man using smartphone at destination wedding in St. Augustine to take a portrait Groomsman using iPhone to photograph bride and groom at Florida destination wedding in Atlantic Beach


Couples looking for a creative way to share their photos, this is it.  You can even send the link out to all your family, friends, and guests as a part of your Thank You.  How will you use your APP, leave a comment below with ideas.  Thanks!

If you are interested in having us photograph your wedding, contact us here, or click “Say Hello” below.

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