Catholic Sheraton Wedding Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

Saturday’s wedding featured a beautiful Catholic ceremony at Assumption Catholic Church in Jacksonville Florida, a fun reception at the Deerwood Park Sheraton, and perfect weather without a cloud in sight.  A morning ceremony meant an early start, especially for the bride, but by planning ahead we were able to photograph her in the church prior to the ceremony, in a very traditional and spectacular way.  The Assumption Catholic Church is home to the Friendly Father Fred and has been remodeled over the years to include stately wooden beams throughout the churches hall.  A balcony at the back of the church gave us the perfect vantage point to photograph the architecture of the church.  A special touch to this wedding ceremony was the children’s choir (many of them students of the bride) filling the church with beautiful song.

Once the ceremony had concluded, and family photos had been taken in the church, our watches were pushing 1 pm.  As I mentioned before there was full sun, and just after noon, it was very very high in the sky.  As you know, not ideal lighting conditions for wedding portraits  (photographer tip – mid day light: harsh, morning and evening light: soft).  As the wedding photographers though, it is our job to create flattering images of our clients no matter the conditions or wedding day schedule.  Outside the church we were able to utilize the shade of both the old oak trees and church arches to soften the light.  Later we also used direct sun to produce bright and lively photos showcasing the blue sky of the day.  Our newly married couple Colette and Joe were fantastic to work with.  The love and chemistry between them gave way to a natural and romantic style of posing.  In less than 30 minutes we were able to photograph the couple, and have them in the limo on their way to the party.

The reception following, at the Sheraton Hotel in Deerwood Park Jacksonville, highlighted the loving families and community that surround and support this wonderful couple.  We enjoyed every part of the day and feel privileged to provide photographs that we know will be cherished for generations to come.  Below are a few of our favorite photographs from the wedding day.  Friends and Family please take a minute to leave a comment below for the new husband and wife. 



Assumption Catholic Church Wedding Ceremony in Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville Wedding Photography by David Walters Photography

Bride and Groom kneeling wedding ceremony Jacksonville Florida

Bride and Groom in Assumption Catholic Church in Jacksonville FL

Bride and Groom with Father Fred at Assumption Catholic Church in Jacksonville Wedding

Bridal Party Photograph in Jacksonville Florida Catholic Church

Bride and Groom sharing wedding flowers at Jacksonville Catholic Wedding

Wedding Couple enjoying Northeast Florida weather on wedding day


Wedding Couple Portrait Photography in front of Blessed Virgin Mary in Jacksonville Florida

Bride and Father wedding reception at Deerwood Park Sheraton in Jacksonville Florida

Best Man

Bride and Groom laughing during speeches at Jacksonville Florida Wedding Reception

Wedding Cake at Sheraton Hotel Wedding in Jacksonville Fl


If you enjoyed the photos, let’s show the Bride and Groom just how much, by leaving a comment for them below.


Ceremony Location : Assumption Catholic Church – Jacksonville, Florida

Wedding Reception Venue : Deerwood Park Sheraton – Jacksonville, Florida (Wedding Info Page)

Wedding Flowers : Kuhn Flowers of Jacksonville

Videographers : Visual Power Cinema (John and Angel are great to work with!)


If you are interested in having David Walters Photography capture your special wedding day contact us and we’ll get the process started.

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