Jacksonville Beach Family Portraits in Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

Jacksonville Beach Family Portrait Photographer David Walters

Family Portraits near Jacksonville Beach in Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park with one of Jacksonville’s nicest families, The Silvers.  Photographing a family at the beach and park is always fun.  The photo session began at 9:30 am, having been pushed back due to the dense fog that has been forming over North Florida over the past few days.  Our family arrived on time with their 2 year old, Levi, and 2 dogs, Buddy and Java, darting for the beach as soon as they were freed from the car.  Bright sun, animals, and kids are what family photographers located near the beach quickly learn to work with.  Although not ideal timing for family portraits on the beach, having been to Hanna State Park numerous times, we knew that there were wonderful areas to photograph in without the bright sun.  Not only does the foliage give shade and provide a beautiful green background with great depth, but also gives clients variety and a change of pace from the typical beach portrait in the dunes.  This also gives our two year old client a chance to explore and discover nature in the Jacksonville Park.

We love having people bring their animals to our photo sessions, and believe it’s important to have all family members present (including four-legged ones).  But to allow for more photographic opportunities, and less stress for both owner and pet, we recommend having the animals out in the beginning and end of the portrait session.  Remember your dog may not act exactly as you want, once he or she is in a new environment, and it is important to stay flexible.  That being said, Buddy and Java were rock stars in the shoot!

Highlights of the morning included tight rope walking in the jungle, bull dozing at the beach, and climbing giant mountains!  Our number priority is to always have fun with our families, followed by finding the light and making you and your family look beautiful.  Below you’ll find some of our favorites. Please don’t forget to LEAVE SOME LOVE for the family in the comments section below!  Thanks and enjoy! 🙂

Jacksonville Beach Family Portrait in Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park Jacksonville Florida Portrait in Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park Jacksonville Family Portrait in Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park Family Portrait Photography Jacksonville Beach Childrens Portrait Children Jacksonville Beach Family Photographer David Walters Jacksonville Beach Children Julie and Levi portrait on the board walk in Jacksonville Beach Mother and Father Family Portraits in Jacksonville Beach with their son Levi Jacksonville Beach Dog Portrait Photography Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park Jacksonville Family Portrait Jacksonville Beach Family and Childrens Photographer Family Portrait on Jacksonville Beach Father and Son at the water in Jacksonville Beach Portrait of little boy in the waves in Jacksonville Beach Family Photography Jacksonville Beach Florida with Dad, son, and dogs Family Portrait in the dunes of Jacksonville Beach Beach Photography in Jacksonville Florida Mother and Son at the beach near Jacksonville Florida

If you are interested in having Julie and I photograph you and your family, and you live in the Jacksonville Florida area, please contact us today and we’ll set up a portrait session date as soon as possible!

The last couple photos are Mom coming to the rescue after a chilly dip in the ocean.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below 🙂

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