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Newborn posed on white background by photographer David Walters in Jacksonville FL

We recently photographed one Jacksonville Beach’s newest and cutest baby girls.  Capturing the first professional images of a newborn is a wonderful honor.  With all the love and celebration, you immediately feel like part of the family you are photographing.

When scheduling a newborn portrait session, it is important to remember to be flexible and allow for enough down time between poses.  If parents are looking for the fetal position type photograph, the ideal window of time is somewhere between five to ten days after birth, when the baby is still naturally returning to that position.  During the first two weeks, the baby will also be asleep for the majority of the photography session.  All that being said, every baby is different, and with busy schedules of today’s new families, it’s not always possible to do things within that recommended time frame.  In fact the beautiful baby girl in these photos was 16 days old.

Jacksonville Baby Photographer David Walters Photographer

Jacksonville Beach baby portrait photography session

Jacksonville newborn black and white portrait photos Newborn portrait with Mom and Dad Baby wearing cute lion hat and Georgia University Diaper

Family Portrait with Mom and Dad holding newborn by Jacksonville Photographer David Walters

Getting Ready for your Newborn Photography Session

Before your baby photography session there are a few things Mom and Dad can do to get ready.  First take a look around the internet, at sites like (if you haven’t already), to get an idea of what style of newborn photography you enjoy most.  Natural light, naked, black and white, posed, props, etc…  Then begin to collect some of the clothing, accessories, and props that you would like to have featured in the photographs.  On the day of the photo shoot, have the rooms where you will be either very warm or ready with a space heater or two.  Other things that will help facilitate a great shoot is having white noise CDs (ocean waves are great), burp cloths, and baby wipes.  Most of all, scheduling enough time (we recommend blocking off 3 hours) will promote a calm and relaxed atmosphere for the baby.


If you are expecting, and are going to be scheduling a newborn portrait session, we also offer maternity photography.  Maternity photos are always a nice compliment to your baby’s first portrait.  They are also a great way to have some beautiful photos decorating the nursery on the day you bring your little boy or girl home.  Click “Say Hello” to contact us today and discuss your growing family’s next professional photography session.


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