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Get Your Wedding Emails Organized

How to organize all your wedding planning and vendor emails using Google’s Gmail Labels.  When planning your wedding it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done from engagement to wedding day.  In fact, a simple search of St. Augustine Wedding brings up nearly 3.5 million results!  And, with email communication being the the number one choice of connecting with wedding vendors today, inboxes are soon overflowing with possible leads, venues, and professional services.  Next, comes the confusion.  Who’s who?  Where is that email from the photographer?  Is this the musician I liked?  And finally, the stress, sleepless nights, and the dreaded my teeth are falling out dream (yes, I’ve been there).  Don’t worry, there is a solution in Google’s Gmail.  Follow my plan below.

Before you begin you’ll need a gmail account if you don’t already have one.  Click here get your free account.  You could even create a separate email account just for your wedding, dave_julie_wedding @ for example.  Once you have one, you’re ready to start.

What are Labels?

“Labels” are gmail’s virtual filing cabinet, once a label is attached to a message, it is placed into that folder.  Multiple labels can be placed on an individual message, giving you the flexibility to have it appear in more than one folder; say “Contracts” and “Photographer, or “Venues” and “Follow-up”.  Even better, email messages can be archived once labeled, leaving you will the beautiful but rare CLEAR INBOX, and color coordinated labels safely holding all your important emails immediately to the left.

Using Labels to Organize your Wedding Email

Multiple labels allows for flexible wedding planning.

Creating Your Labels

  1. Click more under the list of labels in your Gmail Inbox.
  2. Select Create new label.
  3. Type in “Vendors” or “Wedding Vendors”
  4. Click Create
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 to make another label called “My Wedding”
  6. Add the following sublabels by clicking on the down arrow to the right of the label and clicking add sublabel.  Making sure the Nest label under box is checked.
Organizing Wedding Planning Emails for destination weddings in St. Augustine Florida

Wedding Labels and sublabels, collapsed, expanded, and fully expanded.

Using Your Wedding Labels

Vendors – Now, when you receive an email from a prospective vendor simply open the email or check box next to the message, click  LABELS, and begin typing the name of the appropriate label (it will automatically bring up your label), then hit ENTER.  That’s it!  Click Archive and the message will disappear from your inbox and be moved into the correct folder.  At the same time you can also apply another label, such as “follow-up”, to move the message from the inbox to be replied to at a later time.  Repeat as many times as needed.

Keeping track of dozens of potential wedding venues, planners, and photographers is easy.  Simply remove the labels   as specific vendors don’t make the cut and they will disappear.  At the end, you will only have your chosen vendor along with an easy to access history of all your conversations! 🙂


My Wedding – This Label can keep track off everything else, travel details including hotel and flight reservations, guest RSVP by emails, even receipts of all the purchases made from the wedding. Extra Credit if you color coordinate your wedding emails.

How to organize your wedding email

No new email! You are an expert wedding planner.

Once you are organized from the florist to the photographer and have a empty inbox, you’ll get back to having REM sleep and be a happier bride or groom.  How will you use labels to keep your wedding planning under control?  What will your list of sublabels be?  Leave your answers in the comments section below.

If you found this article useful, like my style, and are a bride or groom looking for a wedding photographer in the St. Augustine or Jacksonville Florida area, contact me today and we’ll set up a meeting.  

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