Downtown St. Augustine FL Family Reunion Portrait Photography

Photographing a large family portrait can have a lot of moving parts, especially if the family is vacationing in downtown Saint Augustine Florida.  Gathering the kids, grandkids, and maybe even the great grandchildren can be an event, but capturing everyone’s smiling faces in a well organized photo is priceless and will be cherished by future generations.   With client experience being very important to us, we will help you plan the perfect session.  First things first, it’s usually best to stay put or very near to where you are already staying.  Retrieving, loading, and then driving your car through the unfamiliar and crowded streets of Saint Augustine Florida is not something you want to put you or your family through just before you have your pictures taken.  Whether it’s out at the beaches, somewhere walkable downtown, or even a local state park you may be visiting for the day.  We want to make it EASY for you.

The following family reunion portrait session was photographed downtown using the historic Flagler buildings as a backdrop.  The family was already vacationing and staying at the Casa Monica, just a few steps from where this image was taken.  Late afternoon and early evening gives us nice warm light to photograph in, and a nice pre-dinner activity.  Once the family portrait session is over, everyone is already neatly dressed and ready for a nice meal (The Floridian just 1,000 steps down Cordova would be our choice).

Enjoy a selection of our favorites from the photo session below.  Notice a few variations of the family portrait, some vertical, some horizontal, and different aspect ratios.  We do this because we know not everyone may want a 16×20″ landscape oriented print, but rather a 24×30″ vertical, or a classic 8×10″ gift print.   Remember EASY 🙂  Enjoy and don’t forget to schedule your portrait session, a great way to celebrate families coming together!

St. Augustine Family Reunion Photographer Traditional Family portraits Saint Augustine FL Family Reunion Couple Portrait downtown st. augustine fl Couple St. Augustine Family Photography Large family reunion portrait photography in St. Augustine FLorida Family Photo in St. Augustine St. Augustine Family Portrait with PHotographer David Walters Kids Portrait Downtown St. Augustine Florida Large family portrait Posing in st. augustine fl

Vacationing in St. Augustine with family, big or small, contact us to set up your portrait photography session.  Having an image made is a perfect way to celebrate everyone being together! 🙂

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