Chinese Fire Flying Sky Wish Lanterns Florida Wedding Party

Make a wish on your Chinese Flying Fire Lanterns at your next wedding reception.  A nice way to end the night at a recent St. Augustine Beach Wedding Reception with these paper lanterns lit and release by both the wedding guests and party.  The are not as easy to set off as you would think  (especially on a windy evening), but channel your inner zen and you’ll eventually have your wish for world peace sailing into the night sky.  Amazon has lots of options when looking for which ones to buy, just make sure to check the reviews to make sure customers have been happy with what they received.  These 10 White Sky Lanterns seem to have pretty decent reviews and happy customers.

Girl releasing Chinese Sky Wish Lantern on the beach during St. Augustine Wedding Reception Party

Photo:  Young girl releasing her lighted lantern on St. Augustine Beach Florida.

CAUTION!  The flames of the lanterns can get pretty big and I would recommend having all children be supervised closely when sending off wishes.

CAUTION!  Lighting lanterns may lead to those under the influence of alcohol to be burned.  Please supervise all severely intoxicated adults.  Don’t let your wedding end in disaster either!  When in doubt leave them out 🙂

Final Note:  They are cool from a photographers point of view and do look very beautiful!

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