Bayfront Marin House and White Room Wedding St. Augustine FL

Saturday’s St. Augustine Wedding, included preparations at the Bayfront Marin House Bed and Breakfast followed by a ceremony and reception at The White Room on King Street.  No matter the weather, our Bride and Groom, Craig and Cynthia were all smiles, with friends and family surrounding them with love the entire day.  We had an opportunity to meet Craig and Cynthia during their engagement shoot a few months back, and from that first day, we knew they were a perfect match for each other.  Besides being  a perfect couple, and some of our favorite clients, they also have great taste in music!  We were very surprised to walk into the White Room on Saturday before the wedding ceremony to find The Florida State Bluegrass Band, and the talented Ernie and Debi Evan’s playing at the reception.  Just six days before the bluegrass band was playing our wedding (Julie and I just got married, a post on that wedding soon), where they had the entire reception up on their feet dancing the night away.

The afternoon also included some very heartfelt speeches, a wedding cake designed by the bride’s aunt, and some very cute flower girls.  With the rain and wind (there was actually tornado warnings later in the day) we were not able to venture outside for photographs.  But being that the White Room has a variety of photo locations inside, including their upstairs loft and the traditional wooden stair case downstairs, we were able to create and capture images of both the family and newly weds in a beautiful way.

Thank you again to Craig and Cynthia for allowing Julie and I to be a part of their wedding day, and CONGRATULATIONS again!  Friends and Family be sure to leave the couple some loving notes in the comments section below  following the photographs.  THANKS AND ENJOY!

St. Augustine Wedding Photographer Classic Portrait St. Augustine Wedding Photographer Bride St. Augustine Wedding Details at the Bayfront Marin House Bed and Breakfast Wedding Flowers Photography at Bayfront Marin House in St. Augustine Florida Mother and Daughter Bride at the Bayfront Marin House bridal suite Rainy Day Wedding Portraits Portrait of Groom at the Bayfront Marin House in St. Augustine Groom and Pocket Watch at destination wedding in St. Augustine Groom keeping time at wedding first look Bride and Groom Kissing under Bayfront Marin House Groom holding Bride before wedding ceremony at the White Room in St. Augustine FL Wedding Portrait before white room wedding in St. Augustine Florida Flower girl in black and white portrait during destination wedding in St. Augustine Florida Groom smiling as bride walks down the aisle at the White Room Wedding Venue Father and Bride walking down the aisle in White Room White Room Wedding Ceremony in the grand ballroom First Kiss during wedding ceremony in St. Augustine Grand Ballroom Wedding in the White Room Wedding Venue White Room Wedding Party Portrait on Kings Street in St. Augustine Traditional Family Wedding Portrait in the White Room Loft in St. Augustine Family Wedding Photos in St. Augustine Destination wedding Beautiful Family Wedding Portraits in St. AUgustine Flower Girls and Bride at the White Room Wedding in St. Augustine Mother and Father of the Brider enter wedding reception in Saint Augustine FLorida Bridal Portrait in White Room Wedding Venue Staircase in St. Augustine Florida White Room Wedding Details Photograph in St. Augustine Wedding Party Entrances at the White Room in St. Augustine St. Augustine Best Man
Wedding Reception Speeches at the White Room Bride and Groom smiling during wedding toasts at the White Room in St. Augustine Bride and Groom Cutting Cake in St. Augustine FL White Room Wedding Cake Cutting Wedding Guest Book in White Room St. Augustine Florida Fondu Wedding Dessert Table in St. Augustine Bluegrass band at White Room Wedding in St. Augustine Bride laughing as she throws her flowers in the White Room during Wedding Reception Wedding Bubble Exit in Black and White St. Augustine Bridal Portraits on the staircase in White Room Wedding Venue in St. Augustine Florida White Room Wedding Bubble Exit



Photographers : David Walters Photography

Wedding Venue : The White Room’s Grand Ballroom

Baker : Anita Trotter

Dress : David’s Bridal

Music / Entertainment : Ernie Evan’s and The Florida State Bluegrass Band (We can not recommend these guys enough, THEY ARE AWESOME!)


Getting married soon?  Like (LOVE?) our style, and want us to photograph your wedding?  Contact Us today and we would love to hear all about what your wedding photography needs are.  🙂

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