Augustin Inn Wedding St. Augustine Florida Photography

The Augustin Inn Bed and Breakfast in Saint Augustine provides couples with a wonderful place to stay and host their wedding.   This couple from Pittsburgh, PA wanted to capture their photos both in the quaint back streets of St. Augustine as well as along the waterfront near the Castillo De San Marcos Fort.  If you are considering having photos taken at the fort, make sure you consider how long a walk it is from your ceremony location out to the waterfront.  If it is more than a 10 minute walk, I would recommend you have your car or horse and carriage drop you off.  Planning ahead will save your feet some trouble.  Saint Augustine makes such a great destination wedding location for so many reason, and the varied photographic opportunities adds to that list.  I especially enjoy working with couples who are interested in incorporating some of the historical achitechturue in to their wedding day photograph session.  If you are interested in the Augustin Inn Wedding Packages you can find them here.

Bride and Groom holding hands by St. Augustine Fort

Bride and Groom holding hands while walking near the Old Fort (Castillo de San Marcos) in St. Augustine, Florida.

Wedding Couple Kissing by the water front in St. Augustine, Florida

Just married!  Kissing near the waterfront.  Setting the couple near the water allowed me to fill the background with a beautiful blue, with no distracting elements.

Wedding Photography Beautiful streets of Saint Augustine

Over hanging trees on the streets of Saint Augustine give beautiful back lit lighting to wedding day photos.

Wedding portrait of bride and groom outside the Augustin Inn

Clean, Classic, and Beautiful.  The good looking couple doesn’t hurt either!

Orange and White Roses Bridal bouquet

Orange and White Roses for this bride’s bouquet, complimented by her husbands soft orange tie.

Wedding ceremony held in the front garden of the Augustin Inn in Florida

Wooden trellis in the garden of the Augustin Inn adds the perfect touch for wedding ceremonies held here.

If you are looking to get away and get married in a beautiful and affordable destination wedding ceremony don’t forget Saint Augustine, Florida.  If you book with the Augustin Inn, please take a minute to say you hear about them from David Walters Photography.

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