Atlantic Beach Family Holiday Portrait Session

A Family Portrait Session on a chilly evening in Atlantic Beach Florida, with Dad (Greg), Mom (Lindsey) and their cute 2 year old twins.  The Soufleris family shows how to bring your own style to a photo shoot while still keeping your family wardrobe cohesive.  The traditional family portrait uniform of white polos and tan khakis doesn’t work for everyone.  When deciding what to wear, try to use colors that compliment each other (think color wheel from 10th Grade Art class), with a mix of solids and patterns.  The clothes you have in your closet probably are already dominated by one color already (this is what you look best in), and is a good place to start.  You don’t have to go out and buy all new outfits, mixing and matching things you already have will look much more natural, and let your family’s true personality shine through.  If the kids are old enough let them get involved by picking their favorite piece of clothing or outfit.  If this outfit happens to be the pink princess dress with crown, don’t worry you can do an outfit change for some fun individual portraits.  Remember we want you and your family to HAVE FUN, make it a family decision.
After you think you have all your clothes picked out for your family photo shoot, lay them on your bed and see if there is any piece of clothing or pattern that doesn’t fit with the rest.  If you are unsure, take a photo and send it over my way and I can take a look.  Small touches and matching accessories can bring even more of a cohesive look to your family photograph.  Check out Mom and daughter’s matching pearls and Dad and son’s boat shoes.

Check out some of my favorites from this Atlantic Beach Portrait Session and let me know which one is your favorite in the comments section below.

Atlantic Beach Family Photographer David Walters Mom and Daughter in Family Portrait on Atlantic Beach FL Childrens Photographer Atlantic Beach Florida Childrens Portrait of a little girl with balloon in Atlantic Beach Florida Family Photography by photographer in Atlantic Beach Florida Portrait of little boy with shovel on the beach in Florida Boy holding shovel during photography session on Atlantic Beach Florida Family walking on the beach in Atlantic Beach Florida Black and White Portrait of a family on Atlantic Beach Christmas Tree Portraits on the Beach in Florida Dad and son playing during a family portrait session in Atlantic Beach Florida Family watching surfer during a portrait session in Atlantic Beach Florida Family portrait session in Atlantic Beach during a sunset


As you can see from the photos Julie and I used our now “famous” Christmas Tree during this photo shoot, our toddler sized shovel, and some balloons for presents for the little ones.  If you are interested in having your family photographed by David Walters Photography, Contact Us today to set up a family lifestyle portrait session.


Comments section below, tell me your favorite image, or just leave some love for this beautiful family.

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