About Dave & Julie

Meet David & Julie Walters

We are a husband and wife team based in St. Augustine, FL. Through our photography we create images, not only beautiful, but that tell a story of friends, family, and the newlywed couple beginning their lives together. We have a style that is classic, elegant, and timeless. Photographs that will last a lifetime. No gimmicks, trends, or fads; we pride ourselves on making photographs that preserve your precious moments, allowing you to love your images with the same passion 20 years from now, as you do the day they are revealed.


We both graduated from Penn State University, where we met and began our lives together. Photography first took us to Colorado, where Dave managed the photography studio for Winter Park Ski Resort. Next, to Pennsylvania where we both began shooting weddings and family portraits. Taking advantage of an opportunity to live and teach abroad, we moved to Jinju, South Korea for one year. During this time we travelled Korea, Japan, and India, all the while our cameras around our necks taking photos of the culture and beauty of Asia. In 2011 we began a new chapter of our lives in Florida, to focus on what we love most: wedding and portrait photography. Although we have settled into a life we love in Florida, we will never be able to shake the urge to travel and explore. Our latest adventure took us across the country, living in National Parks & the wilderness of the west, ending our travels with a 500 mile hike across the state of Colorado. Obviously, we will gladly travel! This site features mainly our professional work, to take a peek at our personal imagery, family pictures, travels, and other randomness check out our personal work at Moon Honey.

Giving Back

David Walters Photography is the sole photography partner for the Florida Forum, photographing speakers including former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Governor Jeb Bush, and celebrity Michael J. Fox. This esteemed benefit provides instrumental funding for the only in-patient, pediatric hospital in the region, Wolfson Children’s Hospital.


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